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What is included in a home inspection?
Home inspections include a visual inspection of the home from the roof to the foundation including installed appliances. Free-standing appliances are not inspected.

What is the cost of a home inspection?
The cost of home inspections varies based on size and additional inspection services that might be requested.

How long does a home inspection take?
The time it takes to complete the home inspection varies based on the size and sometimes the age of the home. Contact us for a free quote and we can provide an estimated time frame on how long the inspection could take.

Can I join the inspector throughout the inspection?
We welcome our clients to join our inspectors during the inspection process. However, we do not allow our clients to come on the roof in the attic as it is a safety risk. But even if you do not join the inspector during the inspection, you will be given a high-level review of the written report at the completion of the inspection.


Who will receive my inspection report?
We only issue the inspection report to our direct client and anyone whom our client approves for the report to be sent.

Can the home inspector make repairs to the issues they find in the home?
Home inspectors are not allowed to make repairs to homes they inspect in the first 12 months following this home inspection. This law protects home buyers and sellers from unscrupulous home inspectors who fabricate property damage and issues so they could be paid to repair them.

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